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My name is Miroslav Kubiš and I have over 15 years of experience in tailor-made personal development in the field of soft skills. Read more about my work experience, my approach and how I achieve results in companies.

How did I get into entrepreneurship?

  • My professional career began practically in high school when I worked for a company in the field of financial education. I've always been a very proactive person and just sitting around doing nothing never appealed to me. I always needed to be active. I educated myself a lot and I enjoyed developing my skills and abilities even when I wasn't necessarily succeeding. While in college, I led a team of salespeople and was a lecturer on sales skills and various product trainings.
  • Later on, I worked as a project manager in the construction industry, which I consider a perfect experience for the work I do now. Subsequently, I received an offer to start a company in the field of education, where I had a great deal of autonomy. I had the responsibility for results and that's exactly what has always fascinated me.  

  • In 2020, when life in Slovakia and beyond changed completely, I became completely independent and started my own business under my own name, MIRO KUBIŠ. At a time when colleagues in my industry were losing their jobs, I was one of the busiest consultants and trainers. 
  • What I enjoy most about my work is overcoming challenges and obstacles. When a client calls me to solve their problem and expects specific results from me. Usually, my work begins with an initial analysis, which often helps me to gain important trust, without which it's impossible to perform my work effectively. Then I set things in motion, in line with expectations and needs of the competent person. Sometimes it requires a reevaluation of those expectations.  

What exactly do I do?

  • I develop business teams, leaders at all levels as well as organize various HR training sessions and meetings. I inspire, stimulate, open eyes, drive progress and educate, always with an emphasis on an individual approach.
  • I work with different people's attitudes and behaviors in different positions, their moods, their current mindset and I move them forward, all in the context of improving overall corporate relationships.  
  • I improve a teamwork, change an established communication and behavior patterns, open eyes, stimulate creativity and foster openness. 
  • I help people deal with stress, conflicts, manipulation and also how to provide a constructive feedback and maintain an internal balance. 

How do I achieve results?

  • I translate all my experience with groups into an individual customized training, enabling management to lead employees, provide a constructive feedback, handle communication crises, eliminate various barriers, increase an efficiency and a work quality as well as find a work-life balance. 
  • I apply an acquired knowledge and an experience directly in practice. I'm not in the habit of burdening people with specialized terminology. 
  • From behind a desk, you can accomplish very little. The essence of my work lies in the field, directly with people in the company.
  • I can perceive essential details and build on them.
  • I address the individual needs of a person or a group.         

How do I see my work?  

  1. I connect all aspects: thinking, emotions, health, behavior, and relationships
  2. I am results-oriented
  3. I look behind the scenes 
  4. I have an impartial view of the current situation
  5. I change established habits
  6. I work with all levels of management 

  7. I have a strategic mindset and approach
  8. I bring business principles into leadership

My approach and method of education can be compared to a long-distance run. But at the finish line, you will find a sweet victory in the form of more satisfied and productive employees who are more courageous in their actions and provide constructive feedback.  

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15 years of experience

In the field of personal development, teams and entrepreneurs


What clients said about me

PaedDr. Ružena Šabo, PhD.

Manager of Employee Development Division, Všeobecná zdravotná poisťovňa, a. s.

I have come into contact with Miroslav Kubiš as a consultant and lecturer. Miroslav's approach is exceptionally profound and in many respects different from what we are typically accustomed to in the field of Learning and Development (L&D). The added value is his ability to work at an individual level as well as from the perspective of group dynamics, gradually uncovering all layers of barriers and identifying the functioning areas of individuals and teams. As a facilitator, he provides a very comprehensive analysis of personalities, attitudes, and issues through self-reflection. He can strategically guide participants towards the most crucial areas of personal functioning, resulting in increased work efficiency and employee satisfaction.

Lukáš Vallo, MSc

Business Development & Marketing Director in robotec, s.r.o. company

We underwent an analysis of our company with Miro Kubiš using the CA method, where we obtained very valuable insights directly from our employees. This helped us to address specific areas of concern that our colleagues identified. Miro's approach is very personable and he can quickly earn trust and respect. We will certainly continue working with Miro Kubiš to further improve communication within the company and to implement modern management methods.

Anna Schwarzová

Owner of the Novitim, s.r.o. company

Miro burst my bubble and completely changed my perspective on who and how I could learn from. Working with him has been highly beneficial for my personal development. That's why I decided to apply a similar approach in the company and provided both assistance and the experience to my team. Together, we set up internal process systems and participated in an excellent communication workshop. Miro held up a mirror for us, which made us think differently about ourselves, our processes and our skills, seeing them from a different angle. We made progress - as a team and as individuals.

Viliam Kolcun

Internal trainer MAHLE Behr Námestovo

"During our collaboration, we had the opportunity to see Miro as a very open yet flexible professional who had a positive impact on our colleagues. Whether it was diagnostics, a program design or the implementation of the Leadership Academy, Miro responded to the needs of our teams and showed us different perspectives on the issue of their development. He is very agile in responding to the participants' needs, whether in a content or a method selection. He naturally can perceive non-verbal cues and read between the lines. Collaborating on the design and the implementation of the Leadership Academy was a very pleasant and enriching experience for me as a professional. It was enriching to see him in the role of a lecturer who can naturally break the ice even with the most ardent opponents and effectively communicate complex and attitudinal topics. From a diverse group of participants, he managed to extract a group working toward a common goal and ignite their inner motivation to change their approach. He provides the feedback in a friendly manner, which even the toughest individuals accepted from him. Moreover, they transformed this feedback into their daily practices. I highly recommend the Leadership Academy under Miro Kubiš's leadership on behalf of our entire team."

Ivana Sulikova (Krihova)

HR Manager v Martinus.sk

"Miroslav is one of those trainers you will remember. And what is even more important, you will remember the topic, understand the message and apply what you have learned later in real life. Collaboration during the design and the preparation of training sessions goes very smoothly - he can read between the lines and delivers customized training tailored to the company's needs and the specific target group. He also brings ideas that elevate projects to a higher level. The feedback from our employees is very positive. They appreciate his friendly approach, easily understandable style of delivering information and the fact that he can be both practical and inspirational at the same time. Miroslav is a great professional and I definitely recommend working with him."

Petra Matláková

HR Business partner v mBank, BRE Bank SA

„It was about 1 year ago when we met and started to cooperate together. During this period of time we went over many kinds of cooperation from trainings of sales skills to different teambuildings activities. I have known Miroslav as a business development manager as well as a trainer. But what I will never forget is how he surprised and impressed us during his first training at our company. He has really strong practice skills and I recommend him to anyone who is looking for person with real presentation and trainer skills!"

Mgr.Marianna Martinček

HR manager v HUMANA People to People Slovakia s.r.o.

Miro robil pre nás školenie komunikácie. Musím vyzdvihnúť prístup, ktorý Miro má. Nenásilnou formou nastavuje zrkadlo. Ľudský prístup, pokojná atmosféra a láskavosť bola cítiteľná pri každej aktivite. S láskou využívam veľa vecí, ktoré sme trénovali 😊

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