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A Personal & Business Development consultant functions as a partner to the owner and the result of their work is the transformation of the entire department or the company.

What do I offer?

  • Long-term collaboration and assistance in the overall development of the organization
  • Intervention in implementing changes that often impact everyone in the organization, including the owner
  • Assistance in selecting quality employees, their adaptation, talent development through coaching and training, addressing compensation and evaluation methods

What do I most frequently address within a PaBD?

  • Employee dissatisfaction and complaints about the leadership
  • Employee turnover
  • Poor workplace atmosphere
  • Workplace conflicts
  • Frequent product/service complaints
  • Loss of clients​
  • Approach to work, interpersonal relations and the overall atmosphere
  • Loss of trust and respect
  • Work inefficiency and people's productivity
  • Lack of systematic job roles and activities
  • Establishment of corporate culture and values
  • Team collaboration and team functioning
  • Generational transitions
  • etc.

Whom is a PaBD for?

  • For large, medium-sized, small and micro companies.
  • Companies with up to 49 employees - working with business owners, executives or a management personnel.
  • Medium and large enterprises - working with all levels of management. 

How do I work?

  1. Problem identification
  2. Identifying the cause of the problem based on analysis - using diagnostic results (e.g., CA Method) and individual/group discussions to quickly and effectively identify the root causes.
  3. Custom solutions
  4. Implementing change - directly in the workplace while the company is in operation. This includes shadowing, providing constructive feedback, facilitating, mediating, coaching, mentoring or resolving critical situations immediately when needed.
  5. Ongoing evaluation with the project sponsor - assessing the degree to which expectations and set goals have been met and jointly determining the next steps.
  6. Continued support - throughout the entire collaboration and beyond the evaluation of results.

What analytical tools do I use in my work?

Attitude analysis:


Soft Skills Analysis:

  • Competency model development
  • 360-degree feedback
  • Assesment and Development Centers
  • Shadowing (Shadowing on the job)

  • Interviews, Case studies, Role-plays

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