Health and Stress

Health as the Key to a Happy Life

A unique project through which I explain how we can prevent chronic problems and difficulties by changing our mindset, dietary habits, working with emotions and our own thoughts. I also address how we can largely help ourselves if we already happen to have such difficulties.

I use combination of elements of Chinese medicine and psychosomatics with regard of the season and surroundings that we live in. Every human consists of several different parts however we must perceive it as a whole and what to do with ourselves in order to be happy, healthy and to get the best out of us..

Main areas of lectures:

  1. By type of stress
  2. By the three pillars
  3. Our needs

1. By type of stress

How to cope with acute stress

  • How to cope with stressful situations, how not to panic even in difficult situations and how to think in a constructive way. (duration: 1-2 hours)

How to cope with chronic stress

  • A chronic stress stems from a long term excess strain which we have either ignored or did not try to resolve. It is a build-up of an excess stress and a strain from work days, family obligations, society expectations etc. (duration: 2 hours)

For maximum results, I recommend combination of both presentations. (duration: 4 hours)

2. By three pillars

How to work with our thoughts

  • Our thoughts are one of the foundations of the health pillar. Based on our thoughts we decide what we perceive to be our reality. Only few know to really manage and work with our thoughts and the fact that the thoughts can be controlled and changed, we only need to understand them.

How to work with our emotions (fear, anger etc.)

  • Emotions are basic driving force. The question is whether they control us or we can manage them efficiently. In order to manage them efficiently, we need to understand them.

Lifestyle and balance in the body

  • "Healthy body, healthy mind.” A healthy diet and good habits are the basis of our health and wellbeing. When we do what our body needs, it will reward us in a form of energy, vitality, clear mind and correct resolutions..

3. Our needs

How to prevent burnout or how to get out of it

  • Burnout - often we are not aware or recognise that we are burnout but if we immediately don’t do anything about it could have catastrophic results.

Problems with a digestive system and a urinary excretion

  • A chronic stomach inflammation is more than common nowadays and it can lead to further complications or possible allergies..

Do you wake up throughout the night and struggle to sleep but you don’t want to use a prescription medication? Are you looking for an alternative?

  • Depending on the time of our sleeplessness we can determine which one of our organs is overworked. With the change of healthy diet, we increase the quality of our sleep and in return we gain an extra energy and a strength.

Large and small intestine 

  • Up to 80% of our immunity lies within our intestine, when weakened or damaged, it results in a low immunity. Occasionally it can be caused by a stress or an unhealthy diet but usually it is the combination of both.

How does it work?

One off presentation

  • Help people understand the importance of dealing with Health and Stress in our everyday life.

Regular presentations

  •  Help to change your daily habits and routines of people around you, show them how important is their wellbeing to you.
  • Regular monthly presentations, where individual topics will be analysed and an in-depth progress of individuals will be discussed.
  • Recommended: Each month different organs will be discussed (stomach, liver etc)
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