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Already in high school, I used to think that the current education system is inefficient, exhausting and most importantly, suppresses the individuality and the uniqueness of each of us. Simply put, it's outdated. I had a head full of ideas about how it could be done differently. More entertaining, more effective, more creative, playful and above all, with results. Over time, I began to discover these principles, connect them and introduce them into my workshops, training sessions and individual consultations.

Some call me a mentor, others a coach, a mediator of interpersonal relationships but I've also heard the term 'I just happened to be there.' I consider myself a consultant because I always start by identifying the root cause of a problem before working on its solution.

My approach to Personal Development

In our lives, everything is interconnected. It's naive to think that training alone will remove or solve our problems. To achieve the real progress, we must first understand 'why this is happening to me.' Let me give you an example. The assertive communication training is futile if I don't believe in myself and can't step out of my own shadow. The cause of the problem probably originates from a childhood and is stored in my subconscious which influences my behavior and actions. While the training provides excellent techniques and guidelines for the communication and the performance, it doesn't eliminate the root cause of my problem. 

To move forward in life, we must make changes on these levels simultaneously:

  • Thinking (what I think is what I attract).
  • Emotions and feelings (fear is just a deficit of love)
  • Body (a burnt-out body equals a weakened mind equals flawed decisions)
  • Expression and behavior (what I give is what I get).
  • Relationships (they reflect my internal settings)
  • Energy (it's the driving force of everything)

Principle of Learning

From over a hundred training sessions and workshops I've conducted, I've learned that the most effective way we learn is through our own experiences. In my profession, this is called experiential learning. Our failures and disappointments are what force us to work on ourselves and to move forward. When we combine this with principles and methods such as NLP, a systemic approach, coaching, mentoring and, most importantly, the joy of progress, we achieve excellent results.  

Individual Consultations

To succeed in my work, I primarily use an open heart, a clear mind, knowledge and experience with a touch of shamanism :) During individual consultations, we embark on a journey of self-discovery, self-improvement and improving the quality of your life or business together.

In 2019, we entered a new era where it will no longer be valid for others to solve our health, financial or relationship problems. It can be said that we will be forced to take the responsibility for our lives, for what happens to us, for our happiness, for our joy and suffering.

Although this path of self-development is very beautiful, it can be quite demanding. It requires us to overcome our fears, subconscious blocks and shortcomings that we have accumulated throughout our existence. To do this, we can always find at least three people in our surroundings who can guide us and point us in the right direction. These people can show us the way, uncover a mutual ignorance and help us to understand what we need to do. But in the end, it will be us who have to make changes.

My role is to show you what is blocking you, what is hindering you or causing harm. Occasionally, to give you a little push. Other times, to alert you. But ultimately, it will be YOU who will have to make changes if you truly want to achieve something for yourself. 

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